Who can enter the AHA NSW Awards for Excellence? 

The AHA NSW Awards for Excellence is open to all current financial members of the AHA NSW General Division.

Can I enter multiple categories? 

Yes you can nominate in as many categories as you wish, where your hotel meets the specific judging criteria.

There are some categories that require a written submission, do I need to supply this? 

Yes, refer to the Nomination Information Book, any category that has part of the judging made up by “Written submission” must have a written component supplied along with your nomination fee. Your venue will not be judged if this is not provided, as this makes up a percentage of your venue’s total score.

I entered the awards in 2022, can I just reuse the same written submission for the same category for this year?

You are not permitted to re supply a written submission that was entered in previous years for the same category. Each year a new submission must be provided which answers all the criteria. Judging criteria is subject to various changes each year, so the same submission cannot be used. 

Categories that say “Anonymous Site Inspection”, does this also still require a written submission? 

No, any categories which only say “Anonymous Site Inspection” do not require a written submission.

Why do we have to pay a nomination fee? 

A nomination fee is required so the Judges can be paid for their time both in your venue to judge and to travel to your venue as well as providing you a report.

What does it mean if some categories require  “voucher funds” to be supplied? 

Some categories require the venue to supply additional funds to cover accommodation or meal costs that are associated with judging the venue. This allows the judge to comfortably dine and enjoy the venue to its full extent without being inhibited financially. There is no limit to the value you put on the amount, as we encourage each venue to make it an amount that you feel adequately covers what will be judged, as each venue will differ in pricing. The requirements of the funds each category is outlined in the Nomination Information Kit.

The following categories require additional funds; 
  • Best Family Friendly 
  • Best Traditional Pub Accommodation
  • Best Deluxe Pub Accommodation
  • Best Steak 
  • Best Parmi 
  • Best Steak Sandwich 
  • Best Burger 
  • Best Cheap Eat Meal under $15
  • Best Regional Casual Dining 
  • Best Metropolitan Casual Dining
  • Best Restaurant 

Please note: we are not accepting vouchers as a form of payment in the 2023 AHA NSW Awards for Excellence.

Is all the judging conducted by the AHA NSW? 

No, none of the judging is actually conducted by the AHA NSW. All judging is carried out by independent third parties who are specifically hired by AHA NSW to judge each venue. All comments, feedback and scoring from judging reports are the views of the individual judge and not AHA NSW.

When can I expect the judges to come to my venue?

Judging can begin to take place any time after your completed nomination is received. All judging is completely anonymous except for the ‘people award’ categories where a personal interview is required to take place, and the draught beer quality category where a time will be booked in by the judge to view the cool rooms and back of house components of the venue. 


Judging reports which contain feedback from judging your venue can be distributed upon request after the AHA NSW Awards for Excellence Presentation Ceremony has taken place. 

How do I start the nomination process? 

Head to the NOMINATIONS/LOGIN tab and set up a hotel/group account. You can do this by clicking "Create Group Account" if you manage multiple hotels or "Create Single Venue Account" if you are only entering one hotel. Once logged in you can nominate your hotel/s in one or multiple categories, purchase tickets, upload written submissions and photos. 

What is the difference between a “Group Login” and a “Single Venue Login” which do I use? 

Two types of login accounts have been created for a more simplified nomination process for venues. As there are various hotel Groups and independent venue owners that make up our membership, different accounts have been created to capture the correct information needed for judging. 
If you are a group which include numerous venues within the one company please use the Group Login. This will allow you to then nominate and register each venue accordingly, but still track which hotel group it belongs to. This also helps in collating all eligible groups for the “Best Group Hotel Operator” category.
The Single Venue Login differentiates which venues are independently operated and only one venue needs to be registered.


No, all 2022 log-in information has been deleted. To nominate as either a Group or Single Venue in the 2023 Awards for Excellence, you need to create a new log-in. This can be done by clicking ‘Create Group Account’ if you manage multiple hotels or ‘Create Single Venue Account’ if you are only entering one hotel.

How do I buy tickets, can I buy them at the same time as nominating?

Tickets are available for purchase at the same time as nominations are open from. Ticket bookings will officially close Friday, 13 October 2023. For all ticket prices please refer to the TICKET page on the website. 

When does Early Bird pricing end?

Early Bird pricing will conclude on Thursday 14 September, 2023. 

How does my Hotel become a finalist for Hotel of the year? 

In order to be eligible for Hotel of the Year you must enter a broad range of categories and be a finalist in the categories that you have entered. 

Can I get a refund if I decide not to enter the category after I have paid? 

If you change your mind after the closing date of nominations you will not be eligible to receive a refund.

Do I have any recourse if I believe I have been judged unfairly? 

No. The judges’ decision is final.